GJD products offer perimeter and intruder detection solutions for educational establishments including: Schools, Colleges, Universities and Sports Centres.

Types of GJD motion detectors suitable for educational establishments 

IP detectors – Internet Protocol detector which integrates with third party VMS providers and CCTV systems

Passive Infra-Red detectors (PIRs) – Detector which measures infrared light radiated from objects that generate heat

Microwave detectors – Detector which sends out microwave pulses and measures the reflection off a moving object

Dual Technology motion detectors – Combined motion sensor to reduce false alarms. For example a PIR could be combined with a microwave detector

Wired detectors – Hard wired detector installed using cables

Laser detectors – Surveillance sensor which uses pulsed infrared light and time of flight measurements to very accurately measure changes in a specified area

Voice enunciators – Speech enunciator module designed for intruder monitoring, access control, welcoming, advising or warning

Types of LED illuminators suitable for educational establishments 

Infra-Red LED illumination - Infra-Red LED Illuminators allow video surveillance cameras to deliver outstanding images at night

White-Light LED illumination - White-Light LED illuminators provide ambient light for passers-by and act as visible deterrent to intruders, as well as providing even light for the observing CCTV cameras

IP LED illuminators – Infra-Red and White-Light

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