GJD are now a Milestone technology partner

At the start of the year GJD became a Milestone technology partner. We now have our Milestone verified products and solutions up on the Milestone Marketplace.

Milestone Technology Partner Logo

Why is this important?

  • Smart and integrated control of GJD IP based devices such as motion detectors, long range lasers, LED illuminators and our IPAnything IO controller
  • Excellent resources and support for integrating our solutions within the Milestone Xprotect VMS platform
  • Use GJD’s reliable human detection products to create seamless network alarm based events to provide automated bookmarks, map notifications, PTZ presets, log creation and alarm recording
  • Full control of IR and WL LED illuminators, overlay buttons on a map to control multiple lights, strobe effect on WL as valuable security deterrent fully controlled through VMS
  • Bring 3rd party devices such as relays and contacts into the VMS using the IPAnything IO module for full control and integration

GJD has also created  step by step videos to show how to add and setup the drivers, plus integration examples using the different products:

Driver installation & setup for GJD IP devices

External PIR & Dual Technology motion detector integration examples

GJD’s Clarius LED illuminator integration examples