GJD offers a comprehensive range of cost and energy efficient perimeter and intruder detection systems to help prevent crime.

Security for the industrial security is required at all levels, making integrated monitoring essential. GJD offers detectors and LED illuminators to prevent theft and intruders, as well as provide reliable perimeter control and gate monitoring. 

GJD products are used to protect people, places and belongings in the following sectors: Factories, Farms, Waste Recycling Centres and Scrap yards.

GJD’s external detectors and LED illuminators provide full perimeter protection. The D-TECT range of detectors are packed full of innovative features including adjustable curtain sliders for narrow and wide coverage, selectable detection ranges from 10m to 50m, as well as quad PIR and microwave technology for extremely reliable detection. 

Example applications include:

  • Multispeech kit triggers voice recorded warning messages to deter an intruder from entering the farm.
  • Clarius White-Light LED illuminators act as a visible deterrent to intruders.
  • Covert Clarius Infra-Red LED illuminators smoothly integrate with CCTV cameras to provide high quality images at night.
  • D-TECT IP enabled detectors use LUX light level events to automatically operate blinds and curtains, this lets thieves know they have been detected and that somebody is home.
  • D-TECT Laser creates virtual walls and ceilings to stop an intruder from stealing a quad bike or vehicle from an outbuilding.
  • Laser-Watch creates an invisible single beam barrier or ‘trip-wire’ ideal for protecting perimeter fences and so safe-guarding livestock.
  • The GSM dialler sends a voice or text message to one of nine designated, pre-programmed telephone numbers, providing a fast and reliable warning, ensuring total peace of mind.