GJD USA Announces Its Distribution Partnership with Accu-Tech

GJD, a leading manufacturer and designer of smart electronic perimeter detection and high performance LED illumination equipment, is pleased to announce it is establishing a distributor partnership with Accu-Tech.

GJD USA Inc Logo

To continue its expansion within the North American market, GJD USA has announced it is establishing a distribution partnership with Accu-Tech. Wanting to find the ideal partner, GJD USA’s search was thorough; however, Accu-Tech stood head and shoulders above other potential partners due to its strong project focus and customer support mentality.

Partnering with Accu-Tech is a major coup for GJD USA. Accu-Tech specializes in the distribution of security solutions, as well as delivering integrated solutions for a variety of applications. GJD USA’s products focus on providing Security Integrators with the reliability, accuracy, and peace-of-mind needed to install state-of-the-art security systems.

GJD USA Inc. is a subsidiary of GJD Manufacturing Limited, an award-winning British manufacturer of external detection and LED illumination equipment.

GJD USA and Accu-Tech will be distributing an innovative range of products, including IP versions of its popular D-TECT® range of external motion detectors, laser sensors, as well as Infra-Red and White-Light LED illuminators.

Paul Tibbenham, Vice President of Business Development at GJD USA, commented: “GJD USA is delighted to partner with one of the largest security system distributors in the American market. Accu-Tech has a rich history within the security solutions industry, and GJD USA’s innovative products could lead to an excellent synergy, expanding both companies.”

The impressive Clarius® range of Infra-Red and White-Light LED illuminators provide high quality illumination in order for the end-user to see people and objects clearly at night. By using the Clarius® interchangeable lens diffuser kit, Security integrators can create accurate lighting solutions to precisely match the required field of view, enhancing video surveillance images. Controllable White-Light LED illuminators also act as an excellent security deterrent.

Boasting over 35 years’ experience within the American security market, Accu-Tech is the ideal partner to help GJD USA expand its presence throughout the country.

Joe Essma, Director of Security Solutions at Accu-Tech, stated: “Accu-Tech’s history shows we’ve remained ahead of the curve when it comes to security solutions. Having been impressed by GJD’s work in the UK, we pounced at the opportunity to partner with their American outfit. The solutions now available to our clients will further establish Accu-Tech as an all-in-one provider of integrated solutions.”

You can find more about Accu-Tech products and end-to-end solutions, please visit: https://www.accu-tech.com/products