IP Detectors

A range of internet protocol connected detectors using Quad PIRs, advanced signal processing algorithms and unique optical systems.

The detection range can be programmed and the beam spread adjusted to match a camera field of view, avoiding boundary overspill and making it particularly effective for perimeter detection. PoE powered and configured by a comprehensive GUI, the D-TECT also provides data on outdoor light level in Lux and temperature in ˚F/˚C.

It performs very reliably in all temperatures and has a very low false alarm rate – particularly the Dual-Tech version which adds microwave motion sensing for increased accuracy. Once installed it is not possible for an intruder to ascertain what area is being protected.

GJD's IP product range integrates with Control4, Crestron and RTI.

Watch the videos below to see how to integrate the GJD range of IP security devices with Control4, Crestron and RTI.