RadioVisor Beams

An intelligent dual beam detector system designed for use within the petrochemical and oil sectors, as well as other similar industries where an explosion, or flameproof housing is required.

Covering a maximum 328ft (100m) distance between transmitter and receiver, the pulse modulated Infra-Red beam ensures the system can be used in all weather conditions and can be integrated with alarm enunciation equipment or other devices that provide a means of monitoring, such as CCTV systems.


  • 328ft (100m) range 6° beam spread
  • ATEX certified Zone 1 and 2 compliant
  • Tamper switch at both devices
  • IP66 weather rating
  • Integrated heater for operation down to -20C
  • Bioptical beam transmission
  • 12Vdc power


  • Chemical Plants
  • Gas Storage
  • Petro Chemical
  • Explosive Environments
  • Oil Platform